Which meal is best for me? 

How do you judge best meal that meets your needs? Don’t worry because, in this post, I got you covered.

A meal that has good flavors, quality ingredients, and satisfies your senses is known as best meal. The main advantage of best meal is its surety for health, as being healthy is the priority of everyone.

Furthermore, if you want to explore this topic, read on.

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When we talk about best meal, the first thing that comes to mind is its taste.

The taste of a good meal depends on the ingredients included in it. But here, it must be kept in mind that the ingredients are tasty as well as healthy at the same time. Best meal is mostly prepared at home because the food available in restaurants is often not safe for health and expensive too.

Whatever you eat should always be healthful and safe, weather it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner .Breakfast is must in every morning as it keep you active all the day. In breakfast you can eat boiled egg, yogurt, homemade granola, nut butter and much more.

Choosing what to eat for lunch is not as challenging as you may think.

First thing first, you need to identify healthiest diet.

Some healthiest and favorites of mine are: Apples, Banana, Chicken salad, Mac salad.

Naturally choosing the appropriate food for dinner makes you healthiest, energetic and strong. Healthies dinner option includes grilled fish, grilled chicken, homemade chips, roasted vegetables, chicken pasta etc.

Vegetable– Variety of colorful vegetables in the meal is good as it has positive impact on the health. Vegetables have a wide range of nutrients and a decent amount of protein with numerous benefits.

Carbohydrates- Carbohydrates are main component of providing energy to the body.

It is further broke down into glucose and sugar which is used by cells to perform Carbohydrates must be used by individuals who are involved in regular physical activities.

Carbohydrates in meal regulates the bowl movement in digestive system, prevent constipation and supports to gut microbiome.

It is good to take Carbohydrates in meal.

Vitamin- Vitamins are found in various forms.

key vitamins are Vitamin A (found in carrots and spinach and supports to eye health and immune system), Vitamin B( found in whole grains and meat and support to nervous system), Vitamin C(found in citrus fruit and tomatoes and acts as antioxidant), Vitamin D(found in sunlight and dairy products and support to functions of immune system), Vitamin E(found in seeds and nuts and support to skin health) and Vitamin K(found in vegetables and broccoli and support to bone health).

Minerals- Minerals are essential for maintaining overall health.

Calcium is key mineral, important for blood clotting and muscle function.

Sodium is essential for fluid balance and the functions of nerve.

Zinc is necessary for DNA synthesis and the healing of wounds.

Iodine is important for thyroid functions and for the production of thyroid hormones.

Healthy Fats- Unsaturated fats and saturated oil are good for meal with powerful healthy benefits. Coconut and olive oil are best of meal but it is necessary to use then in moderation as they have greater degree of cholesterol. Healthy fats are good for meal as they are used in baking to elevate the flavor of meal and boosting the nutrients.

Fruit- Fruits are popular for meal as they are sweet and full of nutrients and vitamins. Juicy fruits fulfill the needs of water in our body .They keep fresh our skin. Fruits like Apple, banana, mango, lemon, plum, pears and peaches are good for meal.

Dry fruits like almond, walnut, peanut, coconut, pistachio and cashew nuts are full of vitamin and regarded as good for meal.

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