Is meal bad for dogs? (Questions Answered!)

A meal is the food prepared and eaten any of the occasion such as dinner, lunch and breakfast.

Healthy and Fresh meal is one the most basic need for all humans and animals. In this Article we will explore that which type of meals are bad for dogs.

But what exactly Meal is?

The Main objective of meal is that to help the dogs in living a healthy life, building strong bones, boosting mood, reduce the risk of disease and number of benefits. Healthy and fresh meal helps’ dogs to live bette

Ok-So some types of meal can be considered bad for dogs.
But what exactly make these types of meal bad?
Let’s talk about that.

A meal is an important part of healthy diet .Most of Meals’ ingredients are perishable. Which becomes quickly spoils. While Meals’ are expensive too.
Perishable- Spoils quickly.
Expensive- some of ingredients are very expensive.
Storage- Lack of storage is one of most drawback of fresh ingredients
Many other types of meals’ ingredients (Chocolate, Onions etc.) can cause some different diseases like overweight, laziness etc.
So, yes these types of meal are bad for dogs.

What Kind of Meal is bad for dogs?

Some types of bad meal are given here: Alcohols, coffee, onions, sugary meal, chocolate, raw eggs, spoiled meal etc.

What do the dogs like the most in their meal?

Generally Dogs like to eat boiled eggs, raw meat, beef, lamb, salmon, mango, banana and many other kinds of Vegetables.

This type of meal makes them energetic, fresh mood, boost up etc.

What are the types of Meal are healthy and bad for dogs?

Healthy Meal for Dogs
Rice and chicken- mixed chicken and rice are good for health of dogs without seasoning. Because rice are high in carb.
Vegetables –Dogs likes to eat vegetables but in the form of different yummy recipes.
Eggs- Boiled eggs are one of most favorite food of dogs. Because eggs have extra proteins
Fruits-Dogs are amazed by eating fresh fruits like banana, mango, strawberry and blackberry etc.
Ingredients- To meet the needs of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers in duds, it is necessary to give them healthy ingredients like Carrot, Spinach, Lentils and sweet potatoes
Minced Meat-Dogs enjoy to eat minced Beef and Mutton.
Bad meal for dogs
Chocolate- Dogs should never let eat chocolate because it contains high amount of methylxanthin and theobromine, which is toxic for the health of dogs.
Alcohol- Dogs are attracted to drink alcohol but it is very dangerous for their health. It may effect on their kidney. In severe case, it can also lead to death.
Gum and Candy- Gum and Candy- are sweet foods and it can create real problems for the health of dogs as these sweet food contain xylitol.
Coffee- Coffee is dangerous for the health of dogs because it contains a large amount of methylxanthin.
Grapes- Dogs should avoid the grapes strictly even if it is in a small amount because a few bites of grape can stick your dog. Its main threat is kidney failure anxiety.
Onions- Onion is not a safe meal for dogs. Just eating it a lot even once can causes anemia because it kills red blood cells in the dogs.
Moldy Foods-.  Moldy foods have toxin aflatoxin and mycotoxins which may upset the dog’s tummy.

Why Dogs should not eat bad meal? 7 reasons.

Obesity- If dogs are feed by excessive amount of calories in their meal, it causes obesity in the dogs. High amount of calories and fat in the meal of dogs can also lead to diabetes and heart problems. Obesity is the most preventable disease by taking exercise regularly and having meal with appropriate volume and calories.
Diabetes- Diabetes in the dogs may be genetic or may be due to lack of insulin in their body. It is mainly caused due to obesity or meal with high amount of fat and protein. The most common form of diabetes is mellitus which may be cured by using Diabetes is not completely cured but can be controlled by having high quality nutrition in their meal.
Nutritional Imbalances- Home made recipes that contain too much or low amount of nutrition in the meal prepared for dogs can lead to nutritional imbalances. Diet with improper nutrition can cause weight loss, heart diseases, muscle wasting and blindness. So, it make it sure that the meal served to dogs should have appropriate amount of nutrition to keep the dogs healthy.
Food Allergic reactions- Accumulation of storage mites in the stored kibble can causes meal allergic reaction. Sometimes, Ammune system become allergic to certain substances in meal that produces antibodies. These specific allergen in the meal are identified by the antibodies.
Diarrhea- Diarrhea is a chronic disease that needs medical require and see to your diarrhea causes severe dehydration so make sure your dog to drink a lot of water. It can cause vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite and weight loss due to not taking sufficient meal.
Shedding of Fur- Improper nutrition and unhealthy coat are the signs of shedding of dogs’ fur. Skin problem can also be caused by poor diet which contains small amount of nutrients. The shedding of fur may causes infectious and physical attacks from outside.

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