Is it safe to meal prep for 4 days?

In Meal preparation every step you take from start to finish has worth.

Something which people can eat without issues called safe meal. Meal really varies from person to person. It’s essential to pay attention to any specific food sensitivities or sensory issues your loved one may have. Some find ease in familiar and dreary meals, while others might search new options.

Meal has different nutrients sources like fat, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates which are consumed by body to maintain health and function properly.

Researchers found that after freezing 10 percent of nutrients in prepare meal is reduced as compared to fresh meal.

We should be careful that such meal is prepared that reduce its minimum amount of nutrients.

In meal preparation we can lose out some nutrients. Most of healthy Volatile minerals can be skipped in meal preparation. Moreover, meal preparation is much better than eating out.

Meal preparation can help you to control on taking calories. In preparing meal you always have food at hand, you buy only food items and prepare meal.

Some studies shows that meal prepared at home is healthier rather than restaurant’s meal.

Although it seems quite easy to order your meal online instead of having to go through cook meal for yourself. But we are not sure that eating out is healthy or not cause they may use artificial ingredients or that meal may be chemically preserve, packed up for a long period or high sodium food.

Whereas to cook meal at home may save your time, money and also calories. By preparing meal at home, you can use ingredients of your own choice and can also control of calories used in meal.

There are many other many benefits of meal preparation like time saving. You chop a lot of onions at once for example, so you don’t chop some every night you want to use an onion.

You get started with looking up recipes you might like. You decide how much you can stock at a time and when you have time to prep peacefully. Then you check your kitchen equipment. Do you want to use a slow cooker? Do you have a big enough oven/casserole dish etc.? How will you store? In bags or containers?

Then you get started!

In my experience I cooks soups and stews. Makes them super-hot them pours then directly into a canning jar. Closes it waits for it to cool then puts it in the fridge. They can freeze for long time.

Meal preparing depends on your spare time. In meal preparation, cleaning can take about an hour each night. You should probably cut that to two or three hours if you meal prep.

If you have a good system for doing the dishes, then it’s may be better than going out. It’s not much expensive, you can add the ingredients in your meal as you want, and you can prepare in bigger portions.

So does meal prep save me time? Sure, I guess if that’s how you look at it. But honestly I’d rather spend the extra 2 hours and eat a larger variety of meals and not spend the few consecutive hours of quiet I get each week in the kitchen.

Meal preparation depends on the type of meal you prep and just your preference.

For example food that gets frozen can be good for e.g. a month and there are many people who prep for the whole week by freezing a portion of it.

Although some food is bad for freezing and will not taste good, contrary to some others foods that are perfectly fine after reheating.

Baked pasta dishes

Ground turkey & black bean burritos

Breakfast burritos

Sheppard pie


Chicken pot pie


Different marinades for chicken and portion out then freeze in freezer bags

Muffins – Blueberry, chocolate chip, zucchini, cranberry orange

Baked oatmeal trays (my fav is the Blueberry banana bread one from budget bytes)

Banana bread and or zucchini bread


Soups of all kinds

Bolognase pasta sauce

Control on Calories- Meal prepping allows you to control your calorie intake. Since you plan ahead and always have food at hand, you buy only what is needed and you eat only what is available. You don’t come back home, hungry from a long day and attack fast, convenient snacks.

Prepare peacefully- You can look up recipes in advance you might like. When you time you can prepare peacefully.

Efficient way of eating- You can control on eating out. This is only possible by meal prepping.

New Recipes- You can learn number recipes by meal prepping.

Losing weight- There’s a lot of benefits of cooking, but the main benefit is losing weight by controlling calories.

Positive effect;

By preparing meal at home you are supposed to follow the instructions of your nutrition and eat a better variety of meal. The time spent on preparing for meal is linked to more intake of fruits, vegetables and salad. It may be helpful to feel like satisfied and nourished but not overstuffed. Preparing meal at home helps you to create a balanced diet and living healthy.

Time Savings: Meal planning helps to save time by avoiding you the daily discussion of what to prepare for meal. Meal preparing is helpful for those who have active schedule and demanding routine as they can save their time by preparing meal on their weekend.

Save money: To buy packed meal from the restaurant might be much expensive for those who have low budget. .you can save your money by purchasing ingredients in bulk quantity and leftover for months.

Consistency: Consistency is main factor of losing weight. Meal preparation helps you to build a routine and urge you to stick with your healthy meal plan.

Relaxing: When you’re pretty busy or tired from your routine work, it would be very relaxing for you to know that your meal is already preserved. It can reduce stress about daily meal plan discussion.

Weight loss: Meal planning has positive approach to lose your weight. You can use calories in meal as you have decided to include in your meal. Optimization of meal plan for weight loss, you can easily avoid unhealthy fats, sugar and calories.

Experience- If you didn’t grow up with parents who taught you how to cook, the learning curve to learn to cook is steep. A lot of recipes, even easy ones, take for granted that you have really basic knowledge. Should you have this knowledge? Probably. But it’s not your fault, you can learn it by practicing.

Time Management- In summation, cooking isn’t worth the ROI. If you add up all the time we both spend grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and doing the dishes, it’s usually a good 2-3 hours of labor divvied up.

Food waste: Sometime there are leftover ingredients that you don’t use up all of them and it may end up meal wasting and can also be expensive and unfriendly to environment. If you are not cautious or failed to guess how much you need, these cooked ingredients result in food waste. When something comes up, the cooked meal remain untouched and may spoiled.

Boredom with meal: Although you save your time by preparing meal but eating the same meal over and over again may bore you. To stick with your daily routine and eating same meal at the same place may also bore you. Lack of variety of ingredients can also lead to lack of boredom in your meal.

Difficulty accommodation change: Modern life is unpredictable. you are more likely that something may happen like the weather turns cold and you want something cold rather than the fruits that you had planned for meal.

When unexpected events happen, it becomes a bit difficult to follow your meal plan as decided. Enhance stress: To decide what to cook, eat and plan your meal is a bit time waste and stressful. You have to do dishes and it’s obviously a little bit odious to put on apron and do chores.

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