What rice is best for meal prep?

Are you genuinely thinking what rice is?

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A plant which grows in flooded fields have cereal grains called rice. Rice is grass family plant mostly founded in south Asian countries. Rice grains can be in two shades white and brown furthermore, rice is fairly easy to cook.

Rice is rich in several vitamins and carbohydrates. These items can keep you energetic and healthy. While rice is also the main energy source for the body. Brown rice is not processed, although white rice is processed but is best eaten. Rice can be cooked perfectly by maintaining a precise balance of three things: water, time and heat.

There are many types of rice But here popular types of rice is given like; white rice, brown rice, basmati rice,  wild rice, jasmine rice, long grain rice, short grain rice , calrose rice, sticky rice, Arborio rice, etc. All verities of rice has different nutrients, shades, taste and many other unique properties.    

White rice has low fiber bland and easy to digest.  White rice is low in fiber, making it a good option for eats, it is always recommend for this. Athletes also prefer white rice as compared to other verities of rice.

Rice is such a meal that you eat whenever you want. However, the best time to eat rice is based on nutritional goals, personal preferences and lifestyle.

Primarily rice is grown in south Asian courtiers like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh china and Pakistan etc.

There are many shades of rice, but here two shades are discussed. Reality is that most rice is white and brown. Like their shades they have different nutrients contents.

The most common reason of dark pieces in rice is insect pests, especially beetles which lay eggs again and again.

Carbohydrates- All types of rice has rich amount of carbohydrates, which help to maintain energy and satisfaction.

Healthy nutrients- Rice has different nutritious like fiber and carbohydrates. These nutrition’s help in controlling sugar level, blood pressure, aids digestion, weight management etc.

Vitamins- Rice provide many vitamins like; vitamin A, Vitamin B, floc acid, potassium, fiber, iron zinc etc.

Healthy weight- Rice is helpful in weight management. For weight management brown rice may more beneficial.

Low sodium- White and brown rice verities both have little sodium.

Low in fat- Rice is always healthy option because it is naturally low in fat. It can help in weight management.

Energy Source- All verities of rice is rich source of energy. All verities are easily digestible and provide quick energy.

Balanced Diet- Rice can be absolutely consumed as a part of balanced diet. However, due to low fiber, low fat and many other benefits, white rice can be a part of healthy diet.

Over Eating. Eating in limit to any verity of rice is nice but over eating can be cause of many different disease like; high blood pressure, carvings, headache etc.

White rice. Everyone knows white rice has many benefits but we will talk about its cons. White rice is highly processed, it’s mean they have lost bran and germ.

Diabetes. Eating rice in high quantity can cause diabetes.

Low calories. According to research white rice has low calories. Low calories mean greater risk of diseases.

Arsenic. Arsenic can be in rice which may cause heart disease.  

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